Congratulations Charlotte Edmonds

Sep 1, 2013

On Friday the company held a showing of Causeway Artist in Residence, Charlotte Edmonds work from her three-week residency with YDP. We were honored to have guests including Robert Cohan, Paul Jackson, Sue Booker, Paul Douglas, Sasha Roubicek and Jan De Schnykel attend and give valuable feedback.

During the residency Charlotte collaborated with the dancers and was mentored by myself, Stephen Pelton and Robert Cohan.  Our new apprentice Kathy Richardson joined us and contributed some valuable material, as did our Professional Pathways participant, Nicolas Kyprianou. There was a great atmosphere during the residency and a general sense that not only was Charlotte learning from this experience but we all were, especially those dancers who are choreographers themselves.

I am incredibly proud of what Charlotte achieved during her time with us. I think she managed to make a substantial body of work that can be the foundation from which she can work from when we resume rehearsals in the New Year. After watching her choreograph I think there was a definite change in her approach to her choreography. She seemed more at ease, confident in a different way and as she said, she felt more in the movement rather than observing it. Charlotte will be attending Rambert School in a few weeks and so we will be taking a break but I am really looking forward to working with her again and revisiting the material. Robert Cohan has also offered to review the piece with her and give her some advice which is again, an incredible opportunity.

So, I along with all the company want to congratulate Charlotte Edmonds on being brave, stepping up to the challenge, being wonderfully creative and making some dynamic and diverse movement. Congratulations Charlotte!

Yolande Yorke-Edgell

P.S A big thank you to the dancers, Edward Mitton, Amy Thake, Kieran Stoneley, Hannah Windows, Andrea Santos and Rowan Heather