Yorke Dance Project at ROH

Romany Pajdak

Guest Artist, The Royal Ballet

Romany is a Soloist of The Royal Ballet. She trained at The Royal Ballet School and graduated into the Company in 2004, promoted to First Artist in 2008, and Soloist in 2019. She was born in London and was inspired to dance after seeing Viviana Durante dance in The Sleeping Beauty with The Royal Ballet. She joined The Royal Ballet School as a Junior Associate and graduated through the School. Awards while at the School included the 2003 Lynn Seymour Award for Expressive Dance and silver medal at the Adeline Genée Awards. Her repertory with the Company includes Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan, Fairy of the Crystal Fountain, Red Riding Hood and Countess (The Sleeping Beauty), Effie (La Sylphide), Princess Louise (Mayerling), Tatiana (Anastasia), pas de six (Giselle), Emily Dimmock (Sweet Violets), Harlot and Juliet’s Friend (Romeo and Juliet) and roles in Ceremony of Innocence, Monotones I, The Dream, Song of the Earth, Serenade, Emeralds (Jewels) and The Firebird. She has created roles in Will Tuckett’s Timecode (Clore Studio Upstairs), Christopher Wheeldon’s DGV: Danse à Grande Vitesse, Kim Brandstrup’s Rushes — Fragments of a Lost Story and Robert Binet’s Void and Fire. Pajdak regularly appears in the Royal Opera House’s Insights and has performed many of the demonstrations in Ursula Hageli’s Insights series ‘Ballet Evolved’. Appearances away from The Royal Ballet include starring with Ruth Wilson in Eleanor, a cinematic installation for the Cob Gallery by Alex Warren and Tobias Ross-Southall with choreography by Kristen McNally, and performing in aid of such charities as Children of the Andes, Dancing for the Children and the Ashanti Trust. She is a qualified sports massage therapist. In 2019, Romany joined Yorke Dance Project for Twenty, performing in Robert Cohan’s Communion and Kenneth MacMillan’s Playground.