“An accomplished evening of new and established work by an ambitious, energetic young company.”

Everything Theatre


Financial Times

Rewind Forward (formerly titled Inspirit) places revivals of masterworks by Kenneth MacMillan and Robert Cohan alongside three new works by Cohan, company artistic director Yolande Yorke-Edgell and Royal Ballet’s Young Artist in Residence, Charlotte Edmonds.

The programme includes a rare reconstruction of Kenneth MacMillan’s Hamlet-inspired, chamber ballet Sea of Troubles, created in 1988 for Dance Advance, an ensemble of former members of the Royal Ballet. Alongside MacMillan’s work is a re-authored version of Cohan’s 1979 Songs, Lamentations and Praises. Using material from the original choreography Cohan has created a sumptuous new work Twilight, danced by the entire company to music by Vivaldi. The programme also includes Cohan’s Lacrymosa, a duet set to music by Dmitri Yanov-Yavovsky.

With support from the PRS Foundation, YDP commissioned Charlotte Edmonds and composer Donna McKevitt to create a new work following their participation in the company’s 2015 Cohan Collective. Self is inspired by the famous trio from MacMillan’s ballet Manon.

The programme concludes with Yorke-Edgell’s mysterious and emotionally charged Untethered, choreographed for the entire company to music by the string quartet Brooklyn Rider.

Programme Credits


Choreography by Robert Cohan

Music by Vivaldi L’Estro Armonico Op. 3, Adagio e Spiccato, Larghetto, Andante and Largo
Lighting by Adrian Plaut
Costume by Robert Cohan

Performed by Amy Thake, Kieran Stoneley, Freya Jeffs, Daisy West, Benjamin Warbis

Sea of Troubles

Originally commissioned for Dance Advance

“In this short ballet, inspired by Hamlet, I have taken as a starting-point the effect of the death of Hamlet’s father, without a literal telling of the play. With the appearance of his father’s ghost, and Hamlet’s realisation of the need for revenge, his tormented world becomes a nightmare.”
Kenneth MacMillan

Choreography by Kenneth MacMillan

Music by Anton Von Webern Four Pieces for Violin and Piano, Opus No.7 Bohuslav Martinu Nocturne No.3 for Cello and Piano, Piano Trio No.3, Movements 1 and 2, Bergerette No.3, Nocturne No.2 for Cello and Piano Lighting Reconstruction by Adrian Plaut
Design by Deborah MacMillan
Reconstruction by Jane Elliott
(original Benesh Notator of the choreography)
Performance Coach Susie Crow

Performed by Kieran Stoneley, Edd Mitton, Benjamin Warbis, Amy Thake, Freya Jeffs, Daisy West


Choreography by Robert Cohan

Music by DmitriYanov-Yanovsky Lacrymosa
Lighting by Adrian Plaut
Costume by Robert Cohan

Performed by Freya Jeffs, Phil Sanger


Choreography by Charlotte Edmonds

Music by Donna McKevitt
Lighting by Adrian Plaut
Costume by Peter Todd

Performed by Amy Thake, Freya Jeffs, Kieran Stoneley


Choreography by Yolande Yorke-Edgell

Music by Brooklyn Rider Achille’s Heel: ii, Second Bounce; iii, Loveland
Lighting by Adrian Plaut
Costume by Peter Todd

Performed by Edd Mitton, Amy Thake, Benjamin Warbis, Kieran Stoneley, Freya Jeffs, Daisy West