a programme of dances new and old, mystical and spiritual, exploring themes of faith, mortality, devotion and passion.

Inspired by Canciones Del Alma, choreographed by Robert Cohan, Dancing Sacred is a unique programme of work addressing the movement of the spirit, premiered in Winchester Cathedral.

Included in the programme alongside Canciones Del Alma are Lacrymosa—a new work by Cohan—and a reconstruction of his acclaimed work, Hunter of Angels. Choreographed in 1959, this stark, dramatic duet for two men is about the relationship between Biblical brothers Jacob and Esau and their battle over birthright.

Out of Bounds by Yolande Yorke-Edgell is set to gospel music performed live by S.O.N.G—Sounds of New Gospel choir and excerpts from Associate Director Stephen Pelton’s critically acclaimed Lauda Adrianna is performed to live music by the world-renowned Gavin Bryars Ensemble.

Programme Credits



Choreography by Robert Cohan

Music by Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky, Lacrymosa, Kronos Quartet

Performed by Freya Jeffs, Phil Sanger

Lauda Adrianna

for Adrienne Bernard, excerpts

Choreography by Stephen Pelton
Performed by Freya Jeffs, Edd Mitton, Phil Sanger, Amy Thake, Yolande Yorke-Edgell

Music by Gavin Bryars, Lauda Cortonese
Performed by Gavin Bryars EnsemblePeyee Chen (Soprano), John Potter (Tenor), Scott Dickinson (Viola), Nick Cooper (Cello), Gavin Bryars (Double Bass)

Hunter of Angels


Choreography by Robert Cohan

Music by Bruno MadernaSerenata No. 2, English Chamber Orchestra

Performed by Edd Mitton (Jacob), Phil Sanger (Esau/Angel)

Canciones Del Alma


Choreography by Robert Cohan

Music by Geoffrey Burgon, Canciones Del Alma, Nos.1-3, Brett Bowman

Performed by Yolande Yorke-Edgell

Out of Bounds


Choreography by Yolande Yorke-Edgell

Performed by Freya Jeffs, Edd Mitton, Phil Sanger, Amy Thake

Music Performed by S.O.N.G. – Sounds of New Gospel Down to the River to Pray, Will the Circle be Unbroken, Stand by Me