Coming Soon in 2024

Dance Revolutionaries

Dance Revolutionaries is a 90-minute visual journey through an emotionally-charged world of dance set in stunning locations. Both films are directed by award-winning filmmaker David Stewart. Portraits, a portmanteau of five solo, contemporary dances screens in tandem with a ground-breaking production of the ballet, Sea of Troubles. This visual tapestry captures the raw emotion and trailblazing spirit of two dance visionaries, Robert Cohan and Kenneth MacMillan, who revolutionised how we experienced dance in the 20th century.

In Portraits, Robert Cohan creates a series of intimate, solo portraits, each conveying the essence of the dancer. Completed when he was ninety-five years old, Cohan’s lifetime of experience is intricately woven into each dance.

Kenneth MacMillan’s Sea of Troubles takes its inspiration from Shakespeare, capturing Hamlet’s grief, anxiety, rage, suspicion and the consequences of loss. MacMillan stunningly portrays the intensity and universality of these visceral elements of the human condition.

Dance Revolutionaries offers audiences an unparalleled, up-close-and-personal immersion in the works of these two ground-breaking artists.

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